"Finally. . .You Don't Have To Spend A Small Fortune To Own Precious Metals..."

Now You Can Take Advantage Of  A New Savings Program That Lets You Buy Silver And Gold Even If You Only Have $25!

From: The desk of Christina Goldman
RE: How To Buy Silver And Gold For Just $25

Dear Friend,

Tell Me. . . Does This Sound Like You?

"I want to buy gold but at $xxxx an ounce, I can't afford it. . ."
"I want to buy but I'm not sure this is the right time. . ."
"I don't know how to get started . . ."

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then this is going to be the most important letter that you have ever read!

My name is Christina Goldman and I have been buying silver and gold bullion since 1999.

In those days, precious metals were cheap!

Gold was selling for $260 an ounce and silver was under $5 an ounce.

The average investor could easily afford to invest in gold and silver bullion coins or bars.

Plus, at those price levels, you didn't have to worry about losing alot of money if the price fell.

But, those days are long gone...

With each passing day, the price of gold and silver climbs higher and higher.

So, what is the small investor supposed to do?

Most online bullion dealers won't even give you the time of day unless you purchase a certain amount of coins or bars.

One popular dealer has a 20 coin minimum on American Gold Eagles, the most popular gold bullion coin.

That's over $36,000 at the current spot price! Yikes!

Who has an extra $36,000 laying around?

Even if you did, you aren't going to want to risk losing hundreds of dollars if the price of gold dropped $50 overnight!

And then there's the storage issue.

Fees on bank safety deposit boxes can add up if you have alot of bullion to store.

What if I told you there was a easy, cheap, risk-free way
to invest in precious metals?

Introducing. . .

SilverSaver(R) - Buy Silver Or Gold For As Little As $2


A unique new service that allows you to buy silver or gold bullion for as little as $25 a week!

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Opening a SilverSaver® account takes only ten minutes. There is absolutely no paperwork to mail in. And as soon as your account is verified, you can schedule your silver or gold purchases to start right away!

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SilverSaver®is the absolute best way to purchase silver or gold bullion?

Okay, here are 3 great reasons why you should open an account with SilverSaver®:

1. You Save Time

You set up an investment schedule to buy silver or gold. You can choose to invest weekly or monthly, whatever is most convenient for you. You select the day you want to invest and the amount you want to invest. And that's all there is to it!

It's that easy!

2. You Save Money

Many online gold and silver dealers charge excessive premiums for their silver and gold bullion, especially for small purchases. Silver Saver® has competitive premiums for all purchase levels. Your real premiums will be among the lowest that are available. . .whether you decide to save $50 per month or $100,000!

3. You Save Space

Your physical silver and gold is allocated and titled in your name, insured 100% and stored at First State Depository located in Wilmington, Delaware. No more hassle with home storage safes or safety deposit boxes.

SilverSaver® is a simple, convenient way to build your savings in protected, tangible assets - silver or gold bullion.

  • The costs are fair.
  • The security is unparalleled.
  • And the customer service team is truly dedicated.

SilverSaver(R) - Buy Silver Or Gold For As Little As $25

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Christina Goldman

P.S. I recently opened a SilverSaver® account for myself and invest $25 each and every week. I love the idea of saving in real money. Do yourself a favor and open an account today. You won't regret it!