Building Wealth with Silver: How to Profit From the Biggest Wealth Transfer in History
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The greatest transfer of wealth in the nation and the world is now unfolding. Money is about to flow away from the financially uninformed and flow towards the financially well-informed in the years ahead. Whenever governments start to dilute their money investors transfer their money into gold and silver. Although gold is a great way to preserve your wealth, it’s silver you could actually make a fortune with.

Protect your savings and create a substantial investment income every single month. Financial ignorance is the only reason you are not yet cashing in on the biggest wealth transfer in history.

A Solid Method to Achieve Financial Freedom

This book will show you exactly how to live and prosper by the new laws of money in the new economy. It will show you how to beat the new money thieves (Banks and Governments) at their own game while quietly profiting from the money meltdown that is now underway.

We are approaching a monetary crisis of epic proportions never before seen.

You are probably aware of the rising price of gold that’s been going on for almost 10 years now. Most recently, gold started climbing with even greater speed. History repeats itself again and again. Whenever governments start to dilute their money investors transfer their money into gold and silver. Gold and silver have intrinsic value and will always prevail in any economy.

Many financial experts predict that gold could at least double to $3,000 . . . $3,500 . . . and some say even $5,000! But experts also predict the price of silver could rise seven to eight times its current value before hitting its peak.

What most non-investors and investors – including yourself – probably don’t realize is that although gold is a great way to preserve your wealth, it’s silver that could actually make you rich!

The price of gold has already risen dramatically, but silver is just beginning its parabolic climb. Over the last 9 years the silver price increased an average of 29% per year! Compare this to the stock and real estate market, which declined when adjusted for inflation.

Nine Reasons Why Silver is a Unique Wealth Building Instrument

  • Silver, like gold, has intrinsic value
  • Silver has been in a commodity bull cycle since 2000
  • Silver is a safe hedge against currency inflation
  • Silver is a security choice during times of financial crisis
  • Silver is rarer than gold
  • Silver is used in 90% of all electronics – and its mostly non-renewable
  • Silver leasing – the scam will be exposed soon
  • Silver investment markets are expanding thanks to the Chinese

What You Will Learn From Building Wealth with Silver

You will discover why the Federal Reserve was created and why you and I have been kept in the dark about its true purpose. You will find out why the U.S. dollar is quietly being destroyed without fanfare and the reason this process is being publically denied and covered up.

Learn Why Silver is the Best Investment Opportunity Right Now.

Get the facts on silver production and consumption, and all the details behind silver’s projected five- to eight-fold increase over the next several years.

Financial Education Is The Solution To Financial Freedom

Discover the facts about our global banking and government system that will change the way you look at money forever. You will learn how to buy silver at the lowest price. Professional trading techniques that leverage and maximize your profit.

Understanding how the money system works will give you financial freedom. During the next few years the global financial system will be restructured on a scale that has never seen before. There are a few opportunities for you to profit from it - silver is one of them.

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