Ruff's Little Book of Big Fortunes in Gold & Silver: A Middle Class License to Print Money

"Ignoring gold and silver this year will cost you more than all the dumb financial decisions you can make put together." Ruff’s Little Book of Big Fortunes in Gold and Silver is not written for Wall Street, but for Main Street. It is a detailed guide to a once-in-a-lifetime chance for middle-class Americans to get rich investing in one of history’s greatest bull markets. Ruff makes a usually arcane subject easy to understand, and even humorous. This bull market will dwarf even the 500%

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The Silver Lining: An Innovation Playbook for Uncertain Times

Experts agree: The turbulence triggered by the economic shock of 2008 constitutes the "new normal." Unfortunately, too many managers have become paralyzed by it, capable only of slashing costs indiscriminately.

Though examining spending during recessions makes sense, the smartest executives do much more. As Scott Anthony reveals in The Silver Lining, these leaders continue innovating--by stopping ineffective initiatives, changing key business processes, and starting more productive behavi

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