There was a great article posted today on the Fox Business News website concerning the prospects for silver and gold bullion going forward.  It was written by David Morgan, who is a very respected and well-known precious metals analyst, author, and speaker in the precious metals markets.

I highly recommend that everyone who has an interest in the precious metals markets and commodities in general take the time to read it:

What to Expect for Gold, Silver and Other Key Commodities

The article touched on the subject of the Federal Reserve's QE2 announcement on October 15th and stated that it was unlikely to spur new highs in the silver and gold market - just merely sustain the current favorable environment.

Interestingly, the article pointed out that there were three other factors that would have a better likelihood of impacting precious metals.

  1. CFTC Investigation Into Silver Manipulation
  2. Foreclosure Moratorium
  3. Physical Short Squeeze

The article also  made a prediction about how high bullion prices might rise in the near and long-term. The prediction for silver was very positive, to say the least! $$$