Salvation Army Red Kettle Pic

Here are some inspiring stories of people who anonymously donated various gold bullion coins to the Salvation Army during this past Christmas season (updated 12-2010) . . .

Have you noticed that Gold Krugerrands seem to be popular coins left in Salvation Army Red Kettles:

An anonymous donor has dropped a 1978 South African Krugerrand gold coin in one of The Salvation Army’s red kettles. The coin was anonymously given. It was wrapped in a dollar bill and a note that read “A gift for the Least of These our Brothers and Sisters, in honor of The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.” It is valued at approximately $1,400-$1,600.

In a Houston Red Kettle, someone left a gold buffalo (click on the link below to the full story to see a picture of the coin and note):

A $50 gold buffalo coin was wrapped inside of the one dollar bill with an accompanying note that read "A child is Born, Jesus!" The coin is valued at $1,100.

It would seem that the Salvation Army's kettles are coming up golden in Indiana this season:

The South Bend Tribune reports that someone dropped a 1-ounce U.S. gold coin worth $1,400 in a kettle outside a Sam's Club in Mishawaka. The coin was wrapped in a $100 bill and a small note thanking the organization for "doing God's work."

The kettles are also coming up golden in Howell, Michigan but with gold bars not coins:

As has been the case for the last several years, an anonymous donor placed two 1-ounce gold bars each wrapped in a $100 bill in one of The Salvation Army’s red kettles in Howell yesterday. Officials say they have no idea who put the rare treasures in the kettle at the Genoa Township Walmart on Thursday but it’s still a delightful surprise that year after year the generous donation is found.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone reading this article right now, who is an owner of a gold bullion coin, would start a similar holiday tradition in their hometown next Christmas?

Here are more stories about people donating gold bullion coins to the Salvation Army . . .

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