Question by John: 1 gram of Gold or silver bars?
I see on various auction sites that people have 1 gram gold bars for sale.  What are they worth? Anyone have any idea? Are they a good investment?

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Answer by curtisports2
It's a lousy way to invest in precious metals. The smaller the unit size, the higher the percentage of premium over market price you will pay. Even with the metal as high as it is right now, there is just .20 of silver in one gram. People are paying ridiculous prices for them, - each.

A gram of gold is worth about . The average selling price is . That's not as stupid of a markup as on the silver, but it's still close to 20%. That much of a premium on a one ounce bar would make the price about ,700.

If you want silver, buy US 90% pre-1964 coins that you can buy for pretty close to spot, maybe only 5% over, or American Silver Eagles for about each.

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