Question by vstarwolfgang: Buy Gold Buffalo or Ultra-high relief St. Gauden's Double Eagle?
If you can only afford to buy 1 gold coin, which would you buy - a Gold Buffalo or a Ultra-high relief St. Gauden's Double Eagle? Thanks for your opinion!

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Answer by Taiping
I myself would go for the Saint Gaudens due to it being an art masterpiece. As for which one would go up more in value would require some research on my part, but I do not collect coins to make money even though that happens most of the time. I collect for the history and beauty of coinage. The mint has tried to use James Earle Frazer's buffalo Design on a dollar coin as well now on a gold coin and it seems to fit the nickel quite well, to me it loses something when made larger. Just my opinion. I can't see you going wrong with either one though.

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