Question by SouthernLiberty: Can anyone provide me with a link to mintages of European gold coins such as gold 20 franc Roosters ?
I have found that purchasing these coins with a small premium over melt value that these I have found to be very lucritive. Usually you can sell them at a minimum of 00.00, in other words they want 00.00 worth at the time if you sell. French 20 francs gold content is .1867 .900 fine. Approximately 1/5 oz pure gold. There's French 20 francs, Swiss 20 francs. And the thing is that these coins cannot be confiscated by the U.S. government and they don't have to be reported. At 611.00 an oz for gold these coins can be bought for around 125.00-140.00 per coin. My advice is to buy as many as you can. mjp31774.....good luck.

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Here you go...

That is true about World Coins they are a great investment. As we get to be a more global community the price will go up but for now they are a bargain.

Good Luck.

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