As the price of gold continues to move higher due to the European sovereign-debt issues, Standard & Poor’s U.S. credit rating downgrade to AA+ from AAA, debt ceiling crisis, turmoil in the financial markets, and weakening economic conditions, more and more new investors are seeking a safe haven for their money in gold.

If you are new to gold investing, you are probably confused by the variety of gold bullion coins available.

You are probably wondering, "Which gold coins should I buy?"

When investing in gold bullion coins, the rule of thumb is:

You want to get the most amount of gold for your money.

In other words, you want to buy the gold coins with the lowest premium at the current time.

In the table below, I've list the 5 top sovereign gold coins and their premiums. The premiums were calculated at the time this post was written using the prices quoted by eBay, my favorite online bullion source.

I'll update this chart on a regular basis if any changes in the premiums of the gold coins change. If you haven't joined my email list, be sure to do so, to keep updated on any new postings.



Lowest Pricing on a 1 oz. Gold Coin



Right now, you can get the most gold for your money by purchasing the South African Gold Krugerrand coin. It has the lowest premium.

Cheapest Gold Bullion Coins - Which Gold Coin Has The Lowest Premium?

Gold Coin Premium
American Gold Eagle 5.31%
Canadian Gold Maple Leaf 4.42%
South African Gold Krugerrand 3.67%
Austrian Gold Philharmonic 4.42%
American Gold Buffalo 4.42%