The price of silver has once again reached $40 an ounce.

With the price of gold hitting a new record high of $1900, silver is a great buy, even at these levels.

If you are new to silver investing, you are probably confused by the variety of silver bullion coins available.

You are probably wondering, "Which silver coins should I buy?"

When investing in silver bullion coins, the rule of thumb is:

You want to get the most amount of silver for your money.

In other words, you want to buy the silver coins that currently have the lowest premium..

In the table below, I've list the 5 top silver bullion coins and their premiums. The premiums were calculated at the time this post was written using the prices quoted by eBay, my favorite online bullion source.

I'll update this chart on a regular basis if any changes in the premiums of the silver coins change. If you haven't joined my email list, be sure to do so, to keep updated on any new postings.


Right now, you can get the most silver for your money by purchasing the 40% Junk Silver coin Bags, which are selling for -1.82%.  That's $0.75 below the spot price of silver!

90% Junk Silver Coin Bags are also a great deal – they are selling for about .15% over spot.

Typically, junk silver does have the lowest premium but generic silver rounds are a great alternative for those who want to invest in a pure silver coin while avoiding the premiums usually found on legal tender  silver bullion coins such as the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.

Cheapest Silver Bullion Coins - Which Silver Coin Has The Lowest Premium?

Silver Coin Premium
American Silver Eagle 10.5%
Canadian Silver Maple Leaf 10.5%
Silver Rounds 4.1%
Austrian Silver Philharmonic 10.5%
90% Junk Silver .15%
40% Junk Silver -1.82%