Question by Kym: Coins Help!!!?
If you know the prices to these tell me or give me a website!!!

1894- Morgan Gold Coin (no Mint Mark)
1962- 5cents (it has a libery bell on the back) (D is the mint mark)
1964- 50 cents ( no mint mark) ( i have 2 of these)
1980- Candian Dollar Elizabeth II ( no mint mark)
1963- Half Dollar ( Lib. bell on back ( no mint mark)
1952- half dollar ( Lib. Bell On Back) (D is the mint mark)
1921- dollar E. Pluribus Unum
1925- One dollar
1926- one dollar
Then there are 3 coins I don't know the year.
One is a half dollar. In the front it has a guy( not just the head)
The last two are quater dollars. Just smaller than the half.

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Answer by DAVE B.
You can go to a library & look this up.Most of them have coin books in them. Some banks have coin dealers give appraisals,& they will buy if you want to sell,but be careful,they don't give you as good of prise on your coins.

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