Question by Dani: coins prices?
i have special coins.
i need to know the prices. my dads letting me haev 10% finders fee becuase they were his.

here are the names of the dollar bills and coins

silver certificate 1 dollar
1989 silver dollar proof
united states mint prrof set 1989
united states libert coins 1886-1986
silver pennies that say one cent on the back in big letters
windsor canadian elizabeth 2 coin
wooden nickel due before aug,8 1968 machias maine
4th president coin father of constitution war of 1812
coin with i think queen elizabeth penny size
contintental currency 1776
indian nickel with buffalo on back-1934
indian nickel with buffalo on back-1929
indian nickel with buffalo on back-1920
6 more indian nickels buffalo on back-1936,1915,1915,1935
queen nickel 1900
celebrting sears 100 new century coin 1886-1986


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Answer by Noone i
Well, you have some fun coins. What I can tell you is that it is very difficult for us to tell you what they are worth due to the fact that the condition of the coin is a major portion of its value.

However, that said, I would encourage you to go to and go to the coins category and look up the coins you have, and compare them to the ones you can see photos of on there. That will give you a rough estimate of their value.

Remember one thing though as you are doing it; it is very normal for people that are new to coins to assume they are in much better condition than experts will grade them, conditionwise. As a result, its sometimes a shock to think they are worth 0 and you get a check for . If you have ANY questions, your father is more than welcome to email me and I will answer all I can about coins and conditions.

Have fun with it, coins are history in your hand!

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