Question by Querious: Collecting Gold Coins: what's the value of the following?
Mint condition, uncirculated Swiss gold 20 Franc, French Gold 20 Franc, German Gold 10 marks, British Gold Sovereign and a Russian Gold 5 Ruble. All were supposedly made pre-WWI.

The total amount of gold is just under an ounce. I know that gold is worth 0/oz + . . . . .

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Answer by Blue T
In order to answer your question I would also need to know the years of the coins. With the years the coins could be looked up at

For the moment, all I can really do is give you these links for current gold spot prices:

I'll try to keep an eye out for when you add details to this question but I could easily overlook it. If you want me to come back and give you more information. Send me an email and I'll for sure come back to look.

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