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Question by Vote Republicrat: Have you heard of executive order 6102?

Executive Order 6102 is an Executive Order signed on April 5, 1933 by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt "forbidding the Hoarding of Gold Coin, Gold Bullion, and Gold Certificates." It required all persons to deliver on or before May 1, 1933 all gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates owned by them to the Federal Reserve. Under the Trading With the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917, as amended on March 9, 1933, violation of Executive Order 6102 was punishable by fine up to ,000 (6,640 if adjusted for inflation as of 2008) or up to ten years in prison, or both. Because of this forced immediate sale of gold to the Federal Reserve at the government set price of .67 per troy ounce, this Executive Order is often referred to as the Gold Confiscation of 1933. Shortly after this forced sale, the price of gold from the treasury for international transactions was raised to an ounce; the U.S. government thereby devalued the U.S. dollar by 41%.

Do you think it was a good idea?
What got us out of the Great Depression was production due to World War 2.


There are graphs showing production during each time period on that link.
Liberal Asskicker, by artificially raising the price of gold, that action demanded that more money be printed by the treasury in order to pay for each ounce. Since it wasn't backed anymore at that point, each dollar printed to pay for the gold (as well as FDR's economic intervention programs), was worth less.
*by the Fed, excuse me

By this one action, the Treasury was instructed to pay .33 more "Dollars" for the same ounce of gold that just the day before was valued at .67 per ounce. Remember, in this country the "Dollar" was not money, it was redeemable for money, but it was not considered money. Gold was money and money was gold that was the essence of our monetary system. The reality behind this criminal action by FDR was that the people of this country were led to believe that FDR just increased the price of gold, but in fact, in reality, he had, with a stroke of a pen, drastically lowered the purchase value of the "Dollar". Not only had he [the government] confiscated the people's gold, but on top of it he also stole 41% of their purchasing power by devaluing the "Dollar".
Robin, yes it was rescinded, but the act of directly making exchanges via gold instead of money is still illegal.

From the wikipedia article:

The limitation on gold ownership in the U.S. was repealed after President Gerald Ford signed a bill legalizing private ownership of gold coins, bars and certificates by an act of Congress codified in Pub.L. 93-373 [1] [2] which went into effect December 31, 1974. P.L. 93-373 does not repeal the Gold Clause Resolution of 1933, which makes unlawful any contracts which specify payment in a fixed amount of money or a fixed amount of gold. That is, contracts are unenforceable if they use gold monetarily rather than as a commodity of trade.

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