Question by cameron: how much is a single dollars 1/10% gold eagle coin worth?
i stumbled one of these an heard that they were worth around 0. since i have no use for it i was going to get rid of it and wanted to get as much for it as it is worth. if anyone could tell me how much one is worth that would be great so when i sell it to get money ill be able to have some knowledge of what im gettting rid of and not getting ripped off.

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Answer by Scott Stevenson
Assuming it's the bullion version (more about that in a moment), it's got 1/10 of an ounce of gold in it, which would bring you a little less than the "spot" value of the gold, which at today's price is about 4. If you sell it, the dealer will probably pay you about 10% less than that, so I would say that anything around 5 to 0 would be reasonable.

If yours is not a bullion coin, then it's what is called a "proof" coin. Those are easy to distinguish--the proof coins will have a mirror-like field, and "frosty" designs, while a bullion version would have no difference in texture between the field and the design. If it's a proof (and assuming you're talking about a US coin), you'll probably get around 0 for it.

Those values are just estimates--a dealer might legitimately give you a little less if he's got a lot in stock.

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