old spanish gold coins
by wallyg

Question by kittykat01: How much is my coin worth?
I found an old coin while fixing up a very old house and I'm wondering if it's worth anything. It is gold in colour and it says 0 vertically on one side, with 1988 horizontally under that, with a picture of a man with a beard and glasses, and V. Carranza below the man's face. On the other side it says "Estados Unidos Mexicanos" with a picture of an eagle with a snake in its mouth. I have no idea what those words mean in Spanish, but I'm wondering just how much this coin could be worth? I have tried to Google it, and that hasn't helped.

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Answer by Jonquil

This might help, though not sure if this is it exactly. Due to it's newness, I am kind of doubting it's worth a lot. Tried an ebay advanced search too, checking closed auctions to determine a value.

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