Question by Mr.Clever: How much money do you actually get when you sell broken gold?
I want to sell some old gold pieces. The places to sell gold is endless....And, know that gold is trading at an all time high, I think its over 0.00 an ounce. How much can I expect to get from a dealer if I have an ounce of gold? Should I take it to a pawn shop or an independent dealer? Thanks!

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Answer by MissyDoo
Well It depends on whom you sell it to. If you sell it to a pawn shop or jewelry store, all they want to do with it is resell it to someone else. So if it is broken or chipped or dirty or messed up in some way then they wont give you as much for it cause there is a smaller chance of someone buying it from them. If it has a lot of gold in it you can sell it to a jewelry maker or a factory that sells gold and they will melt it down and give you money for whatever amount of actual gold is there, cause they can then make whatever they want out of it.

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