german 20 mark gold coin
by quapan

Question by Christian S: How to get the highest sales price for a few German gold coins in New York City (Manhattan)?
I own 5 coins. They are each 20 Deutsche Reich Mark, dated 1913, 1913, 1893, 1904 and 1912. What's the approximate value?

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Answer by medoraman
I believe, (off the top of my head), that these coins are about 1/5 ounce gold. They are, however, somewhat scarcer than other European gold coins. I would take them to a larger coin dealer, (R.M. Smythe is in manhattan I believe, they are very old and prestigious). They would give you fair value immediately. Items like this, though, sell well on Ebay and you may make more there.

To get more details about the coin, I would look at World Coins and their values, and look the coins up. Many libraries will have this book, as well as many large bookstores, (not that I am telling you to just use a book in a bookstore.....).

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