Question by Qwerty: Need coin valued: 1945 Gold M Mexican 2 Peso coin?
If you can, can you give the the value if it was in these conditions (or the equivilent in Mexican coins) EF, AU-50, MS-60

Heres a picture of the type of coin, not the exact coin.

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Answer by Taiping
The original mintage was 140,000 but between 1955-1972 (I,767,645) gold 2 peso coins were restruck and most were dated 1945. The coin is worth the gold in it and that is .0462 oz of actual gold weight. Most dealers on the day you sell it, use the spot price of gold as a start and deduct a percentage so that they make a profit. They then resell it for a percentage above spot. Since the gold market will be closed to Tuesday in the USA but no the UK, you will have to wait to get a value. Your best bet is to call a few dealers and ask what they are paying for it. That will change as gold goes up and down. Sorry I could not just give you a dollar figure.

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