Question by Redvioletskydancer: One of my favorite sellers, the Maryland Comptroller, is selling a gold certificate/ebay. Can you get gold4it?
Can you turn it in for real gold somewhere? If so where and how? It is a 20 dollar certificate for 1922. Thanks

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Answer by es
If it is U.S. Currency, the answer is "no". Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard. If you want to buy gold, you can do it safely online and hold the bullion yourself. Try one of many good sites. If you have an account with a brokerage, you can buy the gold ETF (the ticker symbol is GLD). If you think gold will fall further, you can go short by purchasing the exchange traded note, ticker symbol is DZZ. If you have a commodities account, you can purchase gold futures contracts or options. But what you can't do, is collect gold from the U.S. Government. If I were you, I'd contract the seller of the gold certificate and find out exactly what it is. he is selling. Best of luck to you and I hope this explanation helps.

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