Question by jason g: question about american eagle silver coins?
what will happen to my american eagle silver coins if the dollar collapse..? will it affect it..? and this new talk about the amero(even though i dont it will happen), will it affect it..? or will it still be worth something because is 1.oz pure silver..?

what price do you see silver 5 years from now...?

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Answer by Net Advisor
I don't know what silver prices will be 5 minuets from now let alone 5 years.

I don't think you will find any substantial increase in the demand for silver. And if this was true, I would not expect that coins would soar in value anytime soon.

Professionals (money managers, fund managers, etc) do not buy coins for inflation hedging. They buy appropriate indexes, TIPS, trade currencies, etc., to protect against inflation.

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