Question by alexwltr: What is a 1 oz 9999 Engelhard gold bar worth?
Apparently they're ridiculously rare. I can't find one online anywhere, not even ebay. The closest things to them I could find were a few 5 and 10 gram Engelhard bars.

It's untouched, proof with an assay card. 1 troy ounce 999.9 fine Engelhard. Image on front is of an eagle instead of the regular E. logo.

It looks exactly like this, but gold obviously:

What do you think its worth?
(and if its +,200, do you want to buy it?)

I need to turn this gold into steel, brass and lead before obama happens.

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Answer by ronwizfr
The price of gold fluctuates daily: 1 oz of gold is worth about 0. The present financial crisis is good for gold, so I would stick to it, for a while (especially as I don't see how either Obama's or McCain's election would change something).

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