Question by Phillis: What is the value of my Engelhard Silver bullion bars?
I have 2 Engelhard Silver bars. They are both the very, very old - old pour, standard logos (not the bull logo). One is a 5 digit and the other is a six digit. Neither have a letter prefix. Both of them are also 100 oz. and 999+ silver. The print on the bar is as follows.

Top line: 10.000 999+
Middle Line: Engelhard (in small letters in a box outline, no bull logo)
Bottom Line: Serial Numbers (the six digit is preceded by a faint empty imprinted square)

I am willing to sell if interested and prices are close to the idea I have of them

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Answer by redlemon65
First you say that they are 100 ounces but the Top line shows 10 ounces. Which is it??

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