Question by Ed: What is value of 1884 (appears to be South African Coin?
It appears to be 1884 South African Krugerrand coin with a standing lion, with crown and sword, to include 15 small stars on the front and on the back is 1 CENT inside a wreath. I've been told it has value and a collectors item. What is value. Thank You!!!!

Respectfully Ed

Best answer:

Answer by curtisports2
Are you sure it's not 1984? In 1884, South Africa was still using Crown currency (Great Britain) designs and would have had Victoria on one side, and the other side would say 'one penny', not '1 cent'.

I found a small, low-quality image of the 1984 cent inside a sealed mint set. The standing lions design appears on the front of all of the coins in the set, but the image is too small to make out any stars, and the back is not visible. A single coin by itself won't have much value unless it is mint red uncirculated.

One other thing...Krugerrand has a specific meaning. It does not apply to all South African coins, only gold bullion coins. Technically, the Krugerrand is exactly one Troy ounce of gold, but the smaller coins added later, the half, quarter and one-tenth ounce, are also called Krugerrands.

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