Question by Tee S: why are Pan-American silver bars cheaper than the other bars..?
i have been seeing this alot , pan-american 10.oz silver bars are way cheaper than other silver bars, why is this..?

whats your general view for silver bars and silver coins right now

and which one do you feel is better to buy..? silver coins or silver bars

and if they introduce this "amero thing" does it mean that silver dollars i have will be worth nothing since the dollar wont be of existence any more..?

and i have heard that the amero will be backed by silver(aaron russo)...? do you think is bullish or bearish for silver after the amero will be backed by it..?

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Answer by allcreaturesgreatandsmall
Pan American is a good stock investment.

I like silver bars and coins. I think it's more practical to have for the "man in the street" than gold bars or coins.

Silver dollars will always have their silver content. I have 1976 Canadian Olympic silver coins which were devalued...but they still have 1.44 and 0.72 ounces of silver in the 10$ and 5$ coins.

The only money that will be worthless is the fiat paper money.

The amero is not for real.

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