80 silver Canadian Coins

80% Silver Canadian Coin Bags

80% Silver Canadian Coins 

The 80% Silver Canadian Coins are bags of circulated $1.00 face value Canadian Silver coins. Each coin contains .600 of an ounce of silver and are dated 1967 or earlier. . .

1966 Canadian silver dollar

1966 Canadian silver dollar

Canadian Silver Dollar 

The Canadian Silver dollar was first issued in 1935 by the Royal Canadian Mint to celebrate King George V Silver Jubilee. The design on the reverse side features two "voyageurs" or intrepid explorers who are paddling a birch bark canoe.

In the background, the faint lines are illustrative of the great Northern Lights. On the obverse side is a portrait of England's Queen Elizabeth II. . .

1947 Canada Silver 50 Cent Coin

1947 Canada Silver 50 Cent Coin

Canadian Silver 50 Cent Coin 

The Canadian Silver 50 Cent Coin is more commonly known as the fifty-cent piece or half dollar. Although it is minted on a regular basis, large quantities of this coin are not produced. Annual production averages approximately 450,000. . .

1957 Canada Silver 25 Cent coin

1957 Canada Silver 25 Cent Coin

Canadian Silver 25 Cent Coin 

The Canadian Silver 25 Cent coin came about as a result of the creation of the Canadian Confederation and resulting formation of the Dominion of Canada on July 1, 1867.
Responsibility for the banking system and creation of money now belonged to the central government. The very first silver 25 cent pieces were issued, along with 5, 10, and 50 cent denominations in 1870. . .

1905 Silver Canadian 5 cent coin

1905 Silver Canadian 5 Cent Coin

Canadian Silver Five Cent Coin 

The Canadian Silver Five Cent coin was first introduced in 1858 as part of the introductory coinage of the Province of Canada. The nickel was based on the size and composition of the corresponding American coins of that era, which was the half dime. Until 1921, the Canadian five cent coins were small, thin sterling silver. . .

Canadian Silver Timber Wolf Coin

Canadian Silver Timber Wolf Coin

Canadian Silver Timber Wolf Coin 

The Canadian Silver Timber Wolf Coin is the very first coin to be released by the RCM in their 3-year long Canadian Wildlife Coin Series. This is an absolute stunning coin! Featured on the reverse side is a beautiful rendition of the Canadian Timber Wolf highlighted by a backdrop of a full moon and mountain landscape. . .