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What countries offer a silver bullion coin?

Question by mxh5891: What countries offer a silver bullion coin? I know the US and canada do. What other countries have a silver bullion coin and what is it called. Not interested in American silver eagles or Canadian silver maple leafs. Best answer: Answer by steentheweenantarctica…and stop looking at coins, you’re wasting my time Give […]

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Bullion Coin Price Guides

Whether you are a serious investor or simply collecting silver and gold bullion coins for fun, you should consider investing in a gold or silver coin price guide book.  A good coin pricing guide will provide the following information: Full-color, high-quality, close-up photographs of all the coins Background information on each of the coins in […]

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The Eight Buying Rules

Eight Important Rules For Buying Silver and Gold Bullion Online Online auction sites are a wonderful place to buy silver and gold bullion. I have been able to find great deals in the past, on both gold and silver coins, on auctions sites such as eBay. Not only does eBay have a huge selection of […]

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